Feathered Friends – Pyrrhuloxia

This story originally appeared in the Jan-March 2014 issue of the Vermilion Flycatcher, the quarterly magazine of Tucson Audubon. This amazing desert-adapted bird can be a source of confusion for beginning birders. The male of this species is often mistaken for a female cardinal— and quite understandably, as they are very closely related. Once you know …

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Green-tailed Towhee by Kenneth Cole Schneider via Flickr CC

Feathered Friends – Green-tailed Towhee

This article originally appeared in the October-December 2014 Vermilion Flycatcher, the quarterly magazine of Tucson Audubon. As the weather cools in Tucson listen for the distinctive cat-like “mew” call of a Green-tailed Towhee that has come to stay through the winter months. This very attractive bird has a striking white and black striped face and …

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