For the Birders

Birding is a quickly growing activity for a good reason. Going outside and looking at birds is fun but it is also challenging and often very social and a great way to meet very kind and interesting people. There are also those that find deep meaning in going out into nature alone and observing birds and widlife. Some people enjoy competitive Birding while others are content watching what comes to their bird feeders. Birding is whatever you want it to be and is for anyone that thinks they may enjoy the activity.

This site is about Birding as I have encountered the activity and advice that I would like to share with anyone that is interested. If that is you then please join me  and let’s go birding!

Chestnut-collared Longspur Davis Pasture

Birds on the Move!

Fall Migration in Arizona and the importance of Important Bird Areas The migration of large numbers of birds through Arizona, spring and fall, is one of nature’s most breathtaking spectacles. As a concept, it seems simple enough. As the year wanes, the weather turns frosty and food becomes much more difficult to find. To survive, …

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Anna's Hummingbird by Richard Fray

Feathered Friends – Anna’s Hummingbird

Any hummingbird feeder hung in urban Tucson probably has a resident Anna’s Hummingbird defending it from all intruders. This beautiful and rather large hummer is a common sight in back yards all over the city and the male’s striking rosy-pink flashing head plumage makes it a compelling reason to keep your feeders full of nectar. …

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Pyrrhuloxia by Mick Thompson Flickr CC

Feathered Friends – Pyrrhuloxia

This story originally appeared in the Jan-March 2014 issue of the Vermilion Flycatcher, the quarterly magazine of Tucson Audubon. This amazing desert-adapted bird can be a source of confusion for beginning birders. The male of this species is often mistaken for a female cardinal— and quite understandably, as they are very closely related. Once you know …

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Lucifer Hummingbird

August Is Awesome in Arizona for Hummingbirds

You most likely have heard that Arizona is a special place for Hummingbirds. Both the numbers and diversity of hummingbirds peak in Southeastern Arizona in August and this is just one more reason that Arizona is awesome in August! On this surface this seems rather odd. Why would hummingbirds be most abundant when it is …

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Green-tailed Towhee by Kenneth Cole Schneider via Flickr CC

Feathered Friends – Green-tailed Towhee

This article originally appeared in the October-December 2014 Vermilion Flycatcher, the quarterly magazine of Tucson Audubon. As the weather cools in Tucson listen for the distinctive cat-like “mew” call of a Green-tailed Towhee that has come to stay through the winter months. This very attractive bird has a striking white and black striped face and …

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